Ultra-local, regenerative farm in Ny Hammersholt / Hillerød

How we grow

Nærgård is an ultra-local, regenerative farm providing sustainable food for our neighbors.
We want to provide an option allowing our clients to reverse the impact of food in nature.

Why is this important?

Earth is a mess.

Big companies and governments can drive change but they've done little while misleading consumers with "turn off the water tap while brushing your their teeth" or "plastic straws". It takes more than that and they knew it all along.

25% of emissions relate to food and food transport. Intermediaries and distance between production and consumption allow them to food consumers with a system that prefers foreign food even if it's available locally, that pays farmers to grow cheaply while paying badly, promotes the use of plastic, etc..

Consumers value quality and sustainability but supermarkets have been blocking consumers from that choice. We want to provide an alternative.

The best food that you can eat is the one grown on your own backyard. We want to be the second best option by growing it in a nearby field. This helps clients see the food growing and learn more about quality food. Locally also avoids emission from transport. Our goal is to build fields that provide the entire varieties that our clients would need, to maximize that potential.

We grow under soil-improving methodologies that adds life, carbon, nutrient and moisture to the soil, which is important for growing quality naturally while using less water. We plant varieties that improve the ecosystem (pollinating flowers, varied crops instead of mono-culture, nutrient-contributing plants, birds and insect nests, etc..)

Support our farm

You can buy a seasonal share of our production. You can come every week to pick and choose your favorite veggies or we deliver to your home .